4 tips to create space before an open home – Part 1

ByRikki Cook

When it comes to selling your home, you want to do everything you can to fetch the best price. This includes preparing your property for an open home, so your prospective buyers see the potential as soon as they walk in. One aspect you definitely want to show off, is space.

4 tips for creating space ahead of an open home

1) Let the light in

One of the most frequently cited tip for making a room look spacious is letting light in. Depending on your room, this might involve removing heavy blinds or curtains in favour of lighter, less intrusive options. Alternatively, make use of light colours throughout your decor as well as carefully placed mirrors to help reflect light and create an airy feel.

2) Open up the floor

You actually have two options to consider here. For all-round small spaces, try to avoid any design that splits the room into sections, whether it’s rugs or a change from carpet to wood. Each individual area will only look smaller if you and seem more cramped if you have multiple types of flooring.

However, in naturally more open spaces, a change of flooring might help make a room look bigger still. You can define different spaces with flooring to make it obvious just how much you can do in this one space. Use a rug to pull together sofas and a coffee table as a relaxing corner. Meanwhile, if your room transitions into a kitchen or dining space, a change of flooring makes it feel like you have a whole extra room within the same environment.

Look out for next weeks post for Part 2 of 4 tips to create space before an open home.

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