4 ways to add colour when you’re used to neutrals

ByRikki Cook

If you usually stick to neutral colours like beige and grey, but fancy injecting a bit of colour into your Alexandra Hills property, where do you begin?  From small additions to bigger investments, here’s how to do it whether you want something loud or subtle.

1) Add colourful soft furnishings

Whether in the form of rugs, cushions or curtains, your soft furnishings are a great place to add shades of colour to a room.

To start slow, opt for muted tones, or keep to the same shades of one colour so it doesn’t stand out too much. With a rug, you can partially obscure it under a coffee table or chair to add less obvious pops of colour.

However, if you’re feeling brave about adding colour, try mixing shades and patterns to really make the change stand out from any view point.

2) Select bright accessories

Accessories like lamps and vases are a great place to start and allow you to add colour bit-by-bit, and to a level you are comfortable with. You can move them around easily to group the colour into eye-catching arrangements or spread them around the room to brighten up the entire space.

It’s also easy to start slow with accessories as they can be tiny additions to shelves or side tables and can be increased over time.

3) Flowers and plants

Another way to add colour, without being too bold about it, is to bring some plants into the room. They add natural colour, which doesn’t have to be too bright, and you can always pick plants with minimal maintenance requirements if you don’t have particularly green fingers.

You don’t have to worry about picking the right shade or pattern when it comes to plants, and they work with any colour scheme – perfect if you do plan to keep adding to your interior palette.

4) Brighten one wall or add some art work

Painting a smaller wall, or even an alcove, adds colour which doesn’t intrude into the room. By picking a light shade, it’s noticeable but doesn’t take over the room. You can even keep shelving in place to give something else to focus on while subtly adding colour to the room. Talking of shelving – painting shelves or the inside of an open unit, is another great way to add colour without making it a focal point.

Art work or framed photographs can occupy blank spaces, adding colour and texture to an otherwise neutral room without committing to repainting.

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