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9 things to look for during a property inspection – Part 2

By Rikki Cook

5. The flooring

Check for soft spots and look out for mould. Also, look for wood-eating insects like termites and carpenter ants.

6. The plumbing

If you’re looking at an older building, see if it still has a septic system. If left unattended or forgotten about, septic systems can collapse and cause incredible damage to the building and yard.

7. The yard

While you’re checking the septic system, have a look around outside. Make note of things like drainage away from the house, standing water, the condition of the walkways and the presence or absence of plant life.

8. Pests

Wood-eating pests are one thing to look for, but don’t forget to look for other vermin like poisonous spiders, rodents, cockroaches, wasps and others.

9. Hazardous materials

If the property is several decades old, it may have been built with materials that were later discovered to be harmful to humans or pets. Check for things like asbestos, lead paint and poisonous gases.

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