Accenting your kitchen with colour!!!

ByRikki Cook

The kitchen is a place of nourishment and unity, so it makes sense that it should be a room of personality, too. Here are our tips to accenting your new kitchen with colour.

Colourful cabinets

A fresh coat of paint is a great way to liven up any space. Instead of taking your brush to the walls, head for the cabinets. A colourful cabinet can bring extra personality into your kitchen, and depending on the shade you choose, change the atmosphere completely. For those who adore the minimalism of Scandi style but are wanting variation in their cooking space, a soft grey with blue undertones will easily blend with your current theme.

Feeling a little bold? A bright tone will instantly liven up your kitchen, and can be styled in many different ways. Simply use painter’s tape to block out sections on your cabinet in your desired pattern. Red and navy shades look fantastic presented as nautical stripes, while a grid of black will bring the checkerboard chic of the 70s into your modern Gold Coast property. For a personalised approach, blackboard paint is a fantastic way to spruce up a cabinet. Not only is matte black on trend, you can use it to write shopping lists and notes for the family.

Statement splashback

For a sophisticated approach to bringing colour into your kitchen, a statement splashback is the perfect candidate. Whether you opt for a block colour or install a dynamic mosaic of varying shades, a statement splashback can instantly breathe life into a drab kitchen. Renters need not feel left out – there are plenty of temporary methods for achieving a statement splashback. One of the more popular methods is by using patterned vinyl adhesive. From graphic prints with pictures and patterns to faux materials such as wood or marble, vinyl adhesive is relatively inexpensive, and incredibly easy to apply. Simply cut the vinyl adhesive to your desired specifications, and carefully stick it to the surface. Use a credit card to pop any air bubbles for a smooth surface.

Bold appliances

If you’re moving into a new Surfers Paradise property, or are undertaking a kitchen overhaul, investing in brightly coloured appliances can be an exciting way to accent your kitchen. Not only are you getting to choose modern appliances, you can start to construct a theme for your kitchen. Whether you mix and match colours and tones for a quirky, kitschy space, or opt for a monochromatic approach to your purchases, your cooking is bound to feel much more exciting when prepared surrounded with colour.

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