Affordable Brisbane!

ByCathy Pieroz

“The surge in buyer numbers suggests that buyer confidence may not be as low as many thought,” national research director Tim Lawless notes.

“The result was still negative at -1.3%, however it was a substantial improvement from the falls being recorded earlier in the year, the worst of which was seen over the March quarter when values were down 3%,” Lawless says.

“We have also been seeing the ‘value gap’ between Brisbane and the other major capitals expanding.

“Brisbane house prices are now 21% more affordable than Sydney’s and 11% more affordable than Melbourne prices.

“The gap hasn’t been that wide between Brisbane and Sydney since mid-2007, and the current price gap between Brisbane and Melbourne hasn’t been this wide since late 2003,” he says.

Could be time to open our arms and welcome our neighbours from the South!
Cathy Pieroz

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