Clean up to Sell

ByCathy Pieroz

Experience shows that owners who take the time and trouble to fully prepare their home before putting in on the market are rewarded with greater buyer interest.  And this generally means a high price and a faster sale.

Although you don’t need to create a showplace, you should try to reflect an attractive, homely atmosphere, which shows that you enjoy living there – and that prospective buyers will, too.

A clean and tidy house not only adds and enticing smile to its presentation and shows its best features, but indicates that the property has been well cared for.

The first thing to do is clear rooms of unnecessary furniture and clutter to create a more spacious impression.  Ensure cupboards and wardrobes are neatly organised to reflect adequate storage space.

This is a good opportunity to get some early packing done, but don’t mar the appearance of a spare room by clogging it with packed possessions.  Rather, store the items with a relative or friend, if possible.

If carpets need attention, have them steam cleaned rather than let the buyers think they need replacing.  Also, pay attention to making the kitchen and bathroom sparkle, because any dirt or mildew in these areas can be very off putting.

If you would like any assistance in the marketing of your property to achieve the best result, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Ray White Alexandra Hills.

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