Flooring options for your next reno project

ByRikki Cook

Whether you’re preparing to sell or doing up your home to get comfortable for the years ahead, flooring is often one of the more expensive and daunting areas to renovate. That said, it can also be the most in-need. Trodden-down and stained carpets or scratched-up floor boards can be serious detractors.

With that in mind, what flooring options and trends are available for savvy renovators of real estate in Alexandra Hills?


Soft flooring options are popular largely due to their underfoot comfort. Carpet is a great way to add cosiness and warmth to your home – great for an older property or one that might not receive much sunshine.

Historically, the main reasons to avoid carpet have been its tendency to stain, cause allergic reactions, or not last as long. Now, this is a much more viable option with solution dyed nylon carpets providing a non-allergenic, stain and water resistant, and incredibly resilient floor covering. Even better, nylon sits at a lower price point than most natural fibres and is less liable to shed.

Charcoal carpets with a frieze or twist pile combine ultimate underfloor comfort while utilising universally attractive neutral tones.

Hard flooring

Hard floors are timeless – both in terms of style and function. Timber floors maintain their aesthetic appeal through centuries, while being particularly resistant to ageing. Meanwhile, the right tiles are even more resilient to the effects of time, but the style must be chosen carefully.

The major downside of hard flooring is that it tends to come at a high price point. Vinyl and laminate options exist to mitigate cost, but may not age as well and may be less popular with home buyers. Fortunately, timber floating floors can provide the same physical and visual appeal of solid wood floors, while being both cheaper and easier to instal. These floors are made up of engineered timber planks which lock together using an innovative mechanism and sit over the subfloor with no need for glue or nails – perfect for a quick, low-cost and tasteful renovation.


Redoing your floors isn’t always going to work – if you don’t have the time or capital to invest into this project you may need a simpler option. It’s also important to ensure you don’t overcapitalise on renovations.

Rugs are a cost effective and easy way to add style and comfort to your home. Place rugs around common areas to cover unsightly, worn flooring and round out your home decor.

For more information about renovating your home to improve its value, reach out to Ray White Alexandra Hills for a free appraisal today.

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