How to prevent pests in your property… Part 2

ByRikki Cook

How can I keep pests out of my home?

Though these pests are common, there are plenty of ways to make sure your home isn’t at risk of an infestation.

1. Clean your kitchen

It’s no secret that the kitchen quickly becomes a magnet for insects like flies or cockroaches when dirty dishes are left about. Make sure that all of your benches and splash-backs are wiped off after cooking and free of any crumbs or sauces.

2. Manage your airflow

Especially in the heat of the summer, it’s hard to reach a balance between having a cool house and avoiding being swarmed by mosquitoes. Here, screen doors are the perfect investment. Not only do they promote proper ventilation, but you’ll reduce the risk of insects and rodents creeping into your house.

Of course, if you are successfully keeping pests out, you may also prevent any that do make it inside from escaping. As soon as you spot any insects or cobwebs, sort the problem as soon as possible to nip the nest in the bud.

Look out for next weeks post for Part 3 of How to prevent pests in your property

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