How to prioritise your home renovation projects

By Rikki Cook

Maybe you’ve just moved into your new property, or perhaps you’ve been there for a while but just haven’t gotten round to your dream renovations. With a list stacking up, how do you decide what to tackle first?

Here are 3 tips for prioritising your home improvement projects and getting together a plan.

1) Assess the urgency

It can feel like absolutely every project must be started now, in order to get your home into the condition you want it. But if you can’t do everything at once (and most of us can’t), work out either what will most affect your day-to-day living, or what is easily achieved. A repair that will allow you to use a room more fully or electrical rewiring could count as urgent, while a lick of paint could be achieved over the course of a weekend.

2) Be realistic with your budget

Perhaps the most logical way to prioritise your home design projects is by what you can afford to do. This comes down to being realistic about how much the renovations you want are going cost. Get quotes and do adequate research to ascertain the true picture, or you may start projects you can’t afford to finish straight away. If you can’t afford that new kitchen but can do all your re-flooring – at least you can achieve something you’ll be pleased with.

Another benefit of budget planning is that you might find ways to cut costs you didn’t know about before you looked into your options.

3) Get your ‘stuff’ in order

When you have a house full of boxes or clutter, it’s difficult to see what space you really have and where it’s underutilised. By getting your belongings in order, getting rid of what you don’t need and attempting to organise what you do, it becomes much clearer which Reno projects are stopping you from properly using a space. You may find that everything fits into your kitchen and it’s fully usable, but if you don’t get those living room shelves up you’ll have too much clutter to be able to entertain guests.

Armed with a budget and a sensible list of what really needs to be tackled first, you can get your renovations underway and start enjoying your home sooner rather than later.

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