Change to Birkdale-Alex Hills suburb boundaries

ByCathy Pieroz

RESIDENTS in Fullerton Street, Alexandra Hills, may soon be living in Birkdale, if a state government plan to alter the suburbs’ boundary goes ahead.

On Tuesday, the Department of the Environment and Resource Management advertised its plans, which include moving the Birkdale-Alexandra Hills suburb boundary in Fullerton Street, south.

Under the proposal, 32 residential properties on the southern side of Fullerton Street, which are currently in Alexandra Hills, would become part of Birkdale.

People have until April 13 to comment on the proposal, which can be viewed at ;names/pdf/alexandrahills-bir kdale-proposal-plan.pdf

Capalaba MP Michael Choi (ALP) said the government decided to put the proposal up for public comment after Redland Shire Council altered the boundary in 2005.

“Since then, some of the property owners affected by the change have experienced difficulties with essential service delivery, such as mail, and have requested the suburbs be returned to their original boundary alignments,” Mr Choi said.

“Australia Post and the Department of Community and Safety have not objected to the proposed alteration,” he said.

Redland City councillor Kathy Reimers, whose Division 8 covers Fullerton Street, said angry residents had signed a petition to get the boundary moved back to its original location when she was first elected in 2008.

“I brought the residents’ concerns to the attention of the council, which then raised the issue with the state government,” Cr Reimers said.

Queensland place name plan QPN1180, showing the proposed new boundaries, is on view at the Redland City Council offices in Bloomfield Street, Cleveland.

Written submissions, in support of or against the proposal, may be lodged with the Regional Services Director, South East Region, Department of Environment and Resource Management, PO Box 573, Nambour, Qld, 4560, until Friday, April 13.

Sourced from The Bayside Bulletin.

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