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Tips for organising your laundry

By Rikki Cook

Despite being a space for cleaning, the laundry is often a messy zone for many properties. If it’s time to combat clutter and save spare change, take a look at our tips for organising your laundry.

Create a counter top

A laundry counter top is an incredibly handy feature to have, especially when it comes to spot stain removal and folding. If you haven’t got a counter top already in your laundry, it’s time to do some good old-fashioned DIY and create your own. Placing your washer and dryer beside each other, stack a board of wood across the top like a table. Velcro is a great tool in keeping this board in place and is easily removed from your appliances if you ever change arrangements. For extra personalisation, stain your wood to complement the design of the room, or go wild with bold patterns and colours for a feature piece.

Place a piggy bank

The laundry room often accumulates lots of bits and pieces from pockets that haven’t been emptied – especially loose coins. For those who forget about spare change in their pocket when it comes to washing time, take it as an opportunity to save. By keeping a piggy bank or jar in the laundry, you’ll have a space you can directly deposit your spare change, building an extra rainy day fund for extra washing detergent, or a special treat.

Hang detergent on the door

Space is often a luxury few can afford when it comes to the laundry. For this reason, an over-the-door organiser is perfect for freeing up much needed shelf space. Furthermore, having your detergent or laundry powder boxes off the ground reduces the risk of them getting wet and creating a soapy, sticky mess. The laundry isn’t the only room where an over-the-door organiser helps out – this vertical storage option is perfect for the kids’ bedrooms, too.

Print a poster

Choosing which washing cycle to put different items of clothing through is often an after-thought for many, at the detriment to the quality of their clothes. Make sure that everyone in your household is on the same page by printing and hanging a poster outlining what cycle is best for various items. For example, a warm wash for bed-sheets and a cold water wash for denim. Create this as comprehensive or as direct as you’d like – but we’d recommend just making notes for temperature and spin cycle to keep things simple. This poster is great for leaving extra reminders too, such as reminding your family to empty their pockets before putting items in the wash.

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