What to look for in an investment property… Part 1

ByRikki Cook

It’s a fantastic time to enter the Redlands property market, especially where investment properties are concerned. With plenty of fantastic properties to choose from, it’s often hard to know whether you’re making the best decision for long-term returns. Here are our tips on what to look out for in an investment property.

Evidence of growth

When choosing a property to invest in, it’s always wise to hunt in areas with clear growth. Whether it’s city expansion or a record number of people flocking to the area, growth generally indicates potential for capital gains. The Gold Coast is in a sensational time of growth with over 146,000 people expected to migrate to the city over the next ten years, according to Matusik research. This means more properties are needed to keep up with the demand, creating a competitive rental market to take advantage of.

Look out for next weeks post for Part 2 of What to look for in an investment property.

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